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I'm Starting a Podcast!

I’m surprisingly 100% excited and 0% nervous! I always wanted to have a YouTube channel, (which I do) but when I launched it I realized that I hate editing, I hate watching myself over and over, and I hate getting pretty to record at odd times because someone is always home bothering me.

So I had been trying to figure out what I can do to still be vocal but without worrying about how I look and besides blogging, the next best thing was to create a podcast!

So I’m doing it! I’m owing to write another post with step by step instructions on how I do it and what I use to do it. So be on the look out!

For now, here’s what I know...

It’s going to be called “AHYB” OR “AYANAH HANAYA IN YOUR BUSINESS”I’m going to video record each one I make so that way just in case I don’t mind how I look I will post it to IGTV and YouTubeI’m going to order a mic and headphones so I feel legit lol I’m also going to order a backdrop but I was thinking of just setting up at my kitchen table... What do you think? I’m going to be talking about everything, so “in your business” refers to your actual money-making business, your family business, mental business, etc. That’s all I got so far lol

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted when I launch. I plan to be on all platforms!

Anything you want me to discuss?

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