I'm Ayanah Hanaya! (Just my name backwards lol) I'm a Queen of all trades and Master of quite a few! I'm a serial entrepreneur. I love working for myself and helping other women do the same. 
I studied Business & Marketing, I'm a Master Cosmetologist, Certified Business Coach, (Well, life coach but I specifically deal with business. Life is hard lol) Founder of EntrepreneuHerWay, Pryceless Pieces, and IVIXXII; and owner of AH Beauty Studio, and AHIYB!
When I started working for myself I had no idea what I was doing I just knew that NOT working for myself wasn't an option. So, I failed a lot, learned a lot, and kept going until I succeeded! My goal is to in each area of business be the reason why you either look good, feel good, learn something, or make money!
i love helping women specifically because as a woman I understand how easy it is to put ourselves on low on the back burner and forget the way we used to exist in the front.

Winner of the 2019 "Best of Snellville Beauty Salon" Award

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