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Building A Successful Etsy Store

How to get up, running, and selling on Etsy.

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What's Covered?

  • How to open your store step by step

  • Best practices before launching

  • What you can and can't sell

  • Marketing & Ads (Best practices)

  • Creating listings the right way

  • Setting up for success on and off Etsy

  • Social media

  • Reviews

  • Customer retention

  • & more

Turn your passion or hobby into a living with Etsy!

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Why sell on Etsy?

 Etsy is an online marketplace that connects people who are looking for unique goods with independent sellers around the world. The beauty of the internet is that you can sell anything from anywhere and to anyone! When you shop on Etsy you can choose from millions of products, crafts, and supplies, that are curated by independent sellers. Independent sellers are individuals who create Etsy shops.  So yes it’s an e-commerce platform, but it’s more like an online mall instead of a stand-alone boutique. Like a mall, Etsy already has millions of of people in and out everyday waiting for your new store to open!

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Is this you?

You've opened an Etsy store but you aren't getting sales. 


It's so annoying and very discouraging when you have been trying your best, and nothing is working.  You may be wondering if your product is good enough? Maybe you've considered closing your shop and doing something else. 

I have been there, and I know how frustrating it can be!


You're tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. 


You're spending more time promoting your listings on social media or promoting ads on google that just don't work...

Some issues people have starting out...

  • The price is too high 

  • ​You have not optimized your shop and listings for SEO

  • ​You're using broad terms, and these tend to hurt your conversion rate

  • ​You're not targeting the right audience

  • ​You don't have enough listings 

  • ​Your shop is incomplete, and you're not building a memorable brand

  • ​Selling a variety of too many different types of products

  • ​Not writing an enticing listing description that builds trust

  • ​Lack of email marketing 

  • ​Not doing enough marketing for your Etsy shop

  • ​No inbound links pointing back to your shop

  • ​Not focusing on taking or having great images

  • ​Solely depending on Etsy's built-in traffic

  • ​Not having a customer avatar

  • ​Not analyzing your data to measure and see what is working or not working

  • ​You don't understand how Etsy's algorithm works

  • ​Not having tools in place to scale your shop to the next level

This course will help you succeed in your Etsy business!

"I just wanna start a store, don't need your help"... ok, well here's 40 free listings for your first Etsy Shop!

Want the blueprint for getting your business started? Check out the foundations course...

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