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Thank you for being here! Over the years my clients have become more like family and I'm so grateful to have been able to have been in this location for almost 6 years servicing all of you!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be your authentic self, there is no beauty standard. You set the tone for your own beauty and one of the best ways to feel good, is to start by looking the part!

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Salon Lofts Loft 5

2059 Scenic Hwy N Snellville Ga 30078 Loft 5


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This service is great for those wanting to add length to their already healthy hair!

HAIR IS INCLUDED, just show up and get beautified! This technique requires no braids, thread, or glue. Shampoo, blow-dry, and style are included.

Service available now

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Pearly Whites

Teeth whitening results are subjective, varying considerably from person to person. Most are immediately delighted with their outcome. While whitening can occasionally lighten tooth colour by nine or more shades, most of those who whiten their teeth are likely to see a change of two to seven shades

Service available March 2024

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Hey Beautiful

I'm Ayanah Hanaya! (Just my name backwards lol) I'm a Queen of all trades and Master of quite a few! I'm a licensed Master Cosmetologist & Certified Olaplex & Extension Stylist. I'm a Multifaceted Entrepreneur. I love working for myself and helping other women do the same. I also love helping women look as beautiful as they should feel! I studied Business & Marketing, I'm a Master Cosmetologist, Certified Business Coach...

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