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Will He Cheat Anyway?

So, you do all you can, you cook, clean, have great sex, you're a loyal, faithful, loving, and breathtakingly beautiful wife; Will he cheat anyway? According to marriage counselor M. Gary Newman, he just might.

Newman held a study surveying 200 married men to get some real insight on 'the cheating man'. What he discovered was heartbreaking but honest, and heres what happened.

Of the 200 men 70% of them cheated on their wives, thats 140 married men.

Out of the 140 men, 73% said they got to know their mistresses over a months course before they slept with them, 6% said it was sex at first sight!

77% of the men had a good friend who cheated on their wife as well and had yet to be caught, which made them feel more at ease about sleeping around.

40% cheated with women at work.

A whopping 88% said that their wives were far more attractive than their mistress.

66% felt guilty.

52% of the men said that their wives were amazing and that they cheated simply because they wanted too.

48% cheated for emotional reasons.

Although this is a study of only 200 men, the results are still realistic and unsettling. Knowing that the man that you love and plan on spending the rest of your life with literally can and sleep around just because is scary. It is a sad truth that you as a woman can do everything right and be everything he needs and he still may have you feeling like you are missing something or aren't good enough. Most men would disagree that that is what they are doing when they cheat, but it is.

They are breaking down our trust, our self evaluation, making us question what we did wrong, if we did wrong, and the fact that 52% would risk losing something that has no open wound is distasteful.

I don't know all men (obviously) from this study and reading many other articles it seems that without question most men if given the opportunity and feeling of not being caught, WILL cheat.

I applaud the 30% of the men who would not and don't sleep around. But sadly that is less than half and they're already taken ladies.

Men, do better. Cheating is a CHOICE not a MISTAKE.

Ladies, don't settle and/or accept anything you don't want too, you're worth more.

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