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Scandal S5: Ep9 My brief thought...

When Liv said in S5: Ep9 at 36 min and 38 sec of Scandal... "I didn't have to see this side of you, I didn't have to do all these things for you, I didn't have to be everything you needed, SHE did!" referring to Mellie, his wife, and how it isn't easy to fill Mellies "role" or shoes of being ALL he needs, of being HIS wife... I felt that. (no I'm not being cheated on just making a valid point)

Wives, women, in general, put up with SO much constantly being undervalued, not PROPERLY appreciated, taken for granted, ran over, stepped on, looked over by their men who really, and I mean REALLY don't see all the sacrifices, and the love, and the feelings put aside, and the time, and the effort, and the thought, and the hurt, that their women experience just to be or try to be a good woman to them. It's truly, heartbreaking.

And for Liv? The side piece? (and don't come at me, I LOVE Liv But I'm just sayin') To get everything Mellie had, and everything she THOUGHT she wanted and sees, "Oh, it's actually not easy being EVERYTHING that this man THINKS I should be!" I just loved that moment. I LOVE that vulnerable truth that was and seems to always be displayed on this show, I am late in watching the series, Hubby and I are binge-watching but I just had to say, the grass is not always greener, easier to mow, with less weed, or better on the other side.

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