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Don't Give Up

My Loft is so special to me. 3 1/2 years ago before they even built the building, I literally drew and colored exactly how I wanted it to look. I was so detailed I drew dryers and a sink and pictures on the wall I even said how I wanted a place with no ceiling lol. I made a vision board, started designing cards and making my website and had no place to even call "mine" yet. But I knew that when the time came I would be ready because I prepared for it like I already had it. 6 months after that I started buying things and just putting them in my laundry closet, my husband said: "you don't even have a place yet Babe." And I kept saying "I do. I just don't know where it is." 3 months later I saw a literal sign saying "salon lofts coming soon" I turned in couldn't even get a tour because they weren't finished building but I knew this was it. I signed the papers before I even saw it and with no money for a down payment.

What's my point? Trust and believe in your goals, in your gut, and in your vision for yourself. Believe in you, even when no one else does. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what others think or what someone else feels our limits are, we forget that we are capable of whatever we put our minds too. When you're following a dream or chasing a vision that only you can see, don't give up. It will be hard, overwhelming, stressful, and tiring, but it will be yours so it will be worth it.



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