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5 Things to Know Before Starting Cosmetology School

Hey Loves!

So you definitely know you want to become a Hair Stylist, now what? Well, go to cosmetology school! Sounds easy, right?

Here are my top 5 Things to know before starting cosmetology school!

1. Remember it's still school! You are there to learn, be respectful, follow the rules, get your education, and pass state board. If you have a problem with authority, cosmetology school is not for you! You don't need to start school being a know it all or feeling like your age and experience makes you deserving to leniency. You may go in and find an education that's younger than you, but shes still your educator! Who is solely there to HELP you learn!

Also because it is school, you will be studying, taking and PASSING test

(unless you'll be required to retake courses), not be allowed to have cell phones out, and most schools have a uniform a specific dress code!

2. It takes 100% dedication. Believe me, you don't pass unless you know what you're doing. I know so many women who started and never finished as well as finished and never got licensed. Don't go to Cosmetology school thinking this is time to make cliques and play around, it's not. It's time to establish business relationships, and learn valuable tools and education to help you be the best stylist you can be.

3. It cost money and time. My school was $22,000 I know people who went to $60,000 schools. It's expensive and shouldn't be taken lightly. Also, It takes TIME! Like, a lot. Most schools are 5 days a week 9-5, so be prepared to be investing your time in your future FORREAL!

Think about when the best time for you to go will be. If you don't have kids or you're fresh out of high school, don't wait just go! It'll be easier than going with a husband and kids like I had to do the second time around.

4. Be open-minded. Of course, you need to go in with a plan, but, know that you will learn so much that your plans may change. When I started I had zero intentions of doing anything other than natural hair and color, but while in school I realized that I loved weaving and makeup! Now I make more money because I was open-minded and didn't limit myself.

5. You will learn so much if you WANT too. In many peoples opinion, cosmetology school is JUST to get you to pass state board and that's mostly true lol. But if you take the time to read and study your books (that you're paying for) outside the classroom and take the salon practice floor seriously, you can really learn how to be an effective and lucrative stylist without having to wait for "real" salon experience. Also, USE YOUR TEACHERS. You are paying to be there, and they are getting paid to educate you. I asked my educators 101 questions all the time. I wanted to know what they knew, and honestly, those are the things that stuck with me the most, not cutting at a 90-degree angle!

Hopefully, this helps and gives you something to think about! Just ask if you have any questions!

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