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Summer Time Hair!

Hey Beauties!

This is a fun post about summer time hair. I know summer is almost over but I live in GA and its 94 degrees so technically I’m entitled to still talk about summer lol.

My first favorite summer do is BRAIDS! I love braids! They take forever to get but can last forever lol so its worth it!

My second favorite is a simple wash and go, not always that simple honestly. It

takes hours for my hair to dry, but the results are super fun and summer time fine. Plus wet hair drying in the winter can result in a cold lol although somehow I manage to not get sick even with wet hair in December.

Third, a super cute sleek or messy bun. It’s hot, so having all your hair up and out your face is a plus. It’s also always cute, buns go with every outfit and makes your face look thinner lol.

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