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10 Tips for New Entrepreneurs


How many of you never even started working on your dreams because you were afraid you would fail? In a 2015 social experiment of what people are generally fearful of, 31% of Americans said that they fear failure! Some even said that they do not attempt new ventures,

jobs, and life choices because they fear they will fail. Please don't fall into that group of people. To be successful you have to be willing to be unsuccessful, most success stories aren't soaring in business because their first business idea took off, it's because after their first business failed they kept trying! It never matters how many times you fall, only how many times you get up. Multiple of my new/first businesses failed. I hadn't done proper research, I rushed on one, I got overwhelmed in another, was afraid to ask for help before and the list goes on and on. But what matters is that I consistently don't give up. Failing in one thing is just another opportunity to try and soar in another.


Girl, this one is so important. I mean, probably the most important. I have low balled myself and my prices so many times in the past not because I didn't think I could charge more, it was the mindset that I shouldn't. "Why should they pay me more? Why should I base a price on my knowledge? Not just monetary, also being asked to speak at certain events and not being sure I could deliver, because what did I know? What would I say differently than someone else? Insane right? undermining my hours, literal hours of study, research, licensing, certificates, and knowledge because I would second guess my worth. There's a Life Coach I absolutely adore her name is Angel Richardson and she says "People will pay you for who you are" she could not be any more correct.


You cannot have a business and get upset every time someone gives

you an honest opinion. Now an honest critic and a hater are two different things. If someone is hating then Hunny sit back be great and let them hate. But as women, we have to stop letting criticism block us from being even better. We are NOT perfect. Feedback is everything and only helps you and your business to continue to grow and prosper.


Self-explanatory. Keep learning. Never feel like you know it all, there is always something to be learned, always knowledge out there waiting to be accessed and applied.


Why? Because why put yourself through all the turmoil of having to figure it out when a coach or mentor who already has it figured out can help you. Unfortunately, when I started I didn't have anyone to help me navigate through the ins and outs of the business. I literally had to go to school, and pay for licensing and certificates, enroll in Google and Youtube University, and pay for online courses so I could be a Master in my field.


Now I know quantity in business sounds good but let me give you an example. Imagine having 50 Clients per week that pay you $50 per service and each service is 1 hour. That's $2500 at 50 hours a week. But what if 25 clients paid you $100 for that same hour? Now you've worked 25 hours a week and made the same $2500! Now you have those remaining 25 hours to spend with your family, invest back into your business, relax, plan, sleep, do ANYTHING! Because you invested in quality clients instead of worrying about the amount.


Your time is everything. Some things once lost we cannot get back; time

, words, and opportunity. Don't waste your time on things that don't serve your greater goal. If you have multiple businesses then allot a set time each day to work on each business. Don't get sidetracked, set alarms, write out a planning sheet the night before, do whatever you need to do to stay focused. You can accomplish so much in 16 hours of a day if you know how to prioritize and manage your time.


If you think it then it's real to you. You ever smell something and all of a sudden you can taste it? You can see it when you close your eyes? I mean you can feel your senses tingling! Our minds are incredible and unique and unless we say it out loud, no person knows what we are thinking. Let your thoughts about yourself and your business be positive. Wake up in the morning with the attitude that you can conquer anything! Don't be too sensitive or easily deterred because being a woman in business isn't for the weak.


Speaking of being a woman. Remember that at the end of the day you are a woman! We get periods, PMS, have children, some of us suffer from autoimmune diseases or depression or anxiety, and all that needs to be factored in when running a business. Take time for yourself. Remember that rest is a good thing and doesn't make you weak or vulnerable. It makes you conscious and aware of your body's physical and emotional needs. Knowing your limits allows you to not overexert yourself but to be internally in line with yourself and do things at a healthy pace.


ASK. FOR. HELP. Don't let your pride come before your fall. If you need $500 for a business loan or fee or license and don't have it, ask one friend or family member for $500, or ask five for $100 or ten for $50. Don't let not having it stop you from getting it! If you need a baby sitter so you can attend classes that will help you succeed, ask someone to babysit! Don't need money or a sitter? Well, whatever you do need, ask. Until you ask the answer is always no!

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