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Beachin' on a Budget

Hello Loves,

I recently went to the beach and before I went my biggest concern was "Oh no I haven't worn a bathing suit in forever I'm about to look like a twinkie." So I decided to get accessory crazy so that every day at the beach I would look so fabulous that no one would even notice a bulge or a roll! What ended up happening was that I felt so fabulous, I didn't even pay attention to bulge or a roll on myself! Now I know I'm not what some would say is "big" but what I am is honest with myself. I am 200 pounds and a size 12 so I'm also nowhere near "small".

I wanted to share with you Beauties the bathing suits and accessories that I got for the LOW and the styles I wore to compliment my body. When on the hunt for the perfect swimwear it seems like all stores only carry bikinis or the only size that's left of something decent is a size two, but Walmart, H&M, and Target came through with all that I needed! I got high rise bottoms, full coverage tops, and one pieces that gave the illusion of being two pieces! The first outfit I wore I pieced together because I didn't like the top that went with the bottoms. I also needed more boob support so the top is actually a really cute sports bra!

The bottoms were high-rise and only $7.99 from Walmart, the top (Sports Bra) was also from Walmart and was only $4.99!

This one is actually one of my favs! It's a funky high waist two piece that was $14.99 from Target!

This spicy one piece was only $14.99 at H&M!

All the sunglasses pictured were from

This one piece was from Walmart and was only $12.99! I also got a pink and black one like this. What I loved most about this one was that it looked like a two piece but it was high hipped and attached on the sides so it covered my "Mom Belly" !

I got jewelry specifically to wear on the beach. I bought a colorful waist string from the beauty supply store for $1 I got bracelets, anklets, toe rings, and necklaces for about $4 per pack from Walmart. All the jewelry I got was either cloth or beaded so it was perfectly fine to get wet!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed this and got some cute swimwear ideas!

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