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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Ladies!

So, serious question. Do you check your boobs? I don't. Truthfully I always thought breast cancer was something old white women get, and oh my was that

just ignorance at its finest. According to a study by Susan G. Komen Black women are 40% more likely to die from a breast cancer malignancy than women. Why? Well, apparently it's because we happen to diagnosed at a later stage and which a more aggressive form of the disease, all because we either don't get checked or don't examine ourselves. Here are 3 simple things we can do to help prevent being in that 40%!

1. Pay attention to your bodies because early detection can save your life.

Here are things to look out for: Lumps, Knots, or thickening on breast or underarm Swelling, warmth or change in color Oozing discharge from nipples Rash, or scaly look around the nipple Changes in size or shape of the nipple

2. Learn all the facts!

I won't state all the facts (you can google it) but some interesting facts are! You're more at risk if you started your period before 12 Began menopause after 55 Have no children by age 30 Use birth control pills

3. Take action!

Try to take preventative measures. Get healthy in general, and try your best to exercise and eat healthily. Alcohol increases cancer risk by 7% with each drink. so try your best to drink in moderation. Breastfeed! Breastfeeding decreases risk of cancer in the future. Limit hormone therapy.

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