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7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do While Business is Slow

I remember being younger and reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, now as an adult I feel like I'm living in the series. It's crazy how in a matter of days your life can be completely different. As an entrepreneur, we realize that every client/customer counts and this has hit most of us really hard.

This is a list of things to help get your mind off of today's stressors, and onto tomorrow's business.

Plan for the next disaster. One thing we know is that history has a habit of repeating itself. Now is not the time to feel defeated. Now is the time to write down action steps to prepare for the next unknown. Figure out ways you can add a savings plan or emergency fund to your budget.

Organize/Declutter. Take this time at home to organize your business. Throw away those old receipts, as a matter of fact, download a receipt app and upload all those receipts into the app and then throw away all receipts in general! Throw

out old papers and contacts that are no longer necessary. Go through your phone and delete unnecessary apps, or unpublished posts and old text messages too!

Redo/Update your website. Make sure all of your links work and that everything is up to date. If you offer services, go over them and see what you can add or take away. Maybe something very time consuming and not booked often can be removed. Look around as if you were a potential client and think of what you would want to see if you were contemplating booking or buying something. Update your catalog and your about section!

Start or write a blog. If you haven't already, start a blog! When done correctly blogs can bring so much traffic to your site. If you already have a blog, figure out a way to spruce it up or take this time to write your blogs out for the next month or so.

Email. Send emails to your audience. Let them know you're okay and ask them if they are okay. Inform them of ways you all can still stay connected or how they can still help your business prosper!

Record Videos. If you have been wanting to start a Youtube channel, now is the best time. People are home with nothing else to do and they can watch your

videos! Plan them out, watch some videos yourself to see how to succeed on Youtube, and get started. The best tip is to start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Discover a new stream of income. Research other ways to make money. Preferably ways that don't involve you leaving your home!

Rest. As entrepreneurs, we are usually on the go constantly and rarely ever get the proper rest. Utilize this time to get some quality sleep! If you need to, take melatonin and finally get to that REM stage you've been missing!

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