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9 Ways To Make Extra Money: 2020

Right now with the panic of COVID-19 A lot of people are not making any money or are making very little. Now is honestly NOT the time to invest a lot of money into starting a new business, but it is the time to maybe plan a new business, and also start a side hustle to help you get by.

Here are 9 side hustles that can actually make you money if you put your all into them.


Everyone is home now, you never know who may need help. Offer yourself as a virtual assistant. You can do small things like go over children's school work, or

virtually tutor students while they're home, or assist a business owner with things they are overwhelmed with while being home.


If your car qualifies, although everyone is taking precautions to stay safe and away from people, there are still NUMEROUS people who actually need to get around. You can easily apply through the app and start working immediately.


Even though children everywhere are out of school, there are so many parents who actually still need to go to work and have no help. If you are home and not sick and you know your neighbors, tell them you will watch their kids for a small fee. Require them to pack their child a lunch.


Apply to VIP KID or offer your services on Fiverr


People may be using this time to look for new jobs, post on FB or Fiverr that you offer resume help for as little as $5-$20 (or more) Even if you do let's say 4 resumes per day at $10 each that's about two hours of your time at home for $40!


This is a great way to start making immediate cash. You must have a working vehicle and live in the states it is available, amazon is hiring over 100,000 people to help deliver goods while stores are closing, to apply, simply download the app!


Not comfortable driving people in your car? Don't! Most restaurants are temporarily closing their dine-in seating but opening up for delivery! Make some extra cash with your mask on and gloves on and your music blasting!


While you're home, clean out your closet. If you have a lot of things that you don't

want or need, start a Poshmark boutique. It's free to start and you only pay a fee when you make a sale. Check out "Best Tips For Poshmark" for how to become a good seller on there. But, to start, simply download the app and sign up.


Now, this may not make you any money right away, however, people are at home right now wondering how they can start making money from home. If you can afford to buy some really creative domain names for about $10 from GoDaddy, you can resell them for up to $1000. I have never sold one for that much, but some people have. The highest domain I sold was $315 but I bought it for $12!

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