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Being a Mompreneur Part 1

Being a Mother is a really hard job. Truthfully probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. How you talk to, interact with, act around, what you say, how you dress, how you feel, literally everything you do is absorbed by your children. You literally (in my opinion) as a mother shape who your child will be as an adult whether you’re a single mom or not. And if your children are anything like mine, when they’re home they need you every 2.78 seconds. Daddy can be 7 inches away but the scream and need for mommy is real.

So, how do you manage it? Do you feel it’s worth it to have two babies? (Your birth children and your newborn business) Do you feel like you’re setting the right example? Do you feel like you could make more money to do more for your children if you worked a 9-5? Do you work a 9-5 and also your side business and feel like you don’t have time for your kids?

What are your feelings?

I’ve learned that over the years my feelings about being in business for myself changed drastically. They went from wanting to make enough to be able to be a part-time stay at home mom, to making enough to take 2 months off every year and lay on a beach. Hasn’t happened yet, but it will. I’ve learned that I’m not just in business for myself. I’m in business to set an example for my younger brothers and sisters that you don’t have to work for someone for life then die. I’m in business to set up businesses for my children to take over and inherit some sort of wealth. I’m in business to start businesses for my children so when they’re 16 and want jobs they can work for their own companies. I’m in business to show other women you can be great. I’m in business for myself so I can do things for and with my family on my own terms. What are you in business for yourself for?

My mom worked her behind off but was never home, so I always knew I needed her work ethics but to learn how to use what she did and figure out a way to be around more instead of sacrificing time for money. Honestly, up until recently I was feeling bad for working so

much around the house (being home but on my laptop, phone, etc), I felt like my baby was going to say that I worked too much, even though I’m always around and in his face I thought he would feel like “Yea she’s here but she’s working”. But then my son melted my heart, as he does so often, and said to me “Mommy when I get older I want to be like you. I want to be a Boss and work on my own businesses because I love how you're home with me while you type business stuff.” He just reassured me that I was doing good, and also reminded me that he’s ALWAYS watching.

So now, I’m focusing on enforcing to him the need to be able to have time to spend with your family and the necessity of having something that’s yours that no one can take away from you, and at 6 years old, he’s really getting it! He recently told me that he wants a laptop to start a YouTube channel and he wants to make cool socks and T-shirts. So guess what? He’s starting a business! Why not?

My point of this post is to say, it’s hard. It’s draining just being a woman in general, so when you add kids, men, jobs, life, etc. It doesn’t make it easier, but it can be worth it. Our little ones look up to us and whether we do good, bad, or just okay, is up for them to interpret and decide which parts they want to see and possibly recreate for themselves.

Check out my other blog “Managing Mommy” for tips on how to stay sane as a mom and a boss!

Thanks for reading Moms!

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