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Hold On To Your Edges 2!

Now that there's been some proper time between my last post about Edge Naturale, I wanted to share an update with you guys. I gave an ample amount to a friend of mine to try for 3 weeks and this is what she had to say: "At first, I was like Ayanah must be trippin' this cream mess isn't gonna do anything and I doubt I'll feel a difference but since we are friends I'll try it. I'm so glad I did! The very first night I felt a tingle. I cleaned my hairline with ACV and then warm water and applied the cream each night! Every night I felt the tingles but didn't see any progress, about 17 days in, I noticed tiny peach fuzz. Now I need to order a jar because that sample amount she gave me isn't gonna cut it!"

So, where I messed up at is not asking her for picture updates, but once I have some I'll share with you guys as well!

Edge Naturale products are formulated to provide a natural solution for thinning and damaged edges, in addition to edge cream they also have hair vitamins! Many products on the market today promise miracles, but few can deliver real results! I've attached below pictures from their website of before and afters. If any of you purchase something, please update me on your progress!

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