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How To Get Your EIN Number

Hopefully you were able to work on your checklist today from

Some of you probably have your EIN number already, but here‘s a step by step for how to get your EIN for free!

Go to

Identify the legal and tax structure of your business entity.

This step is very important because each type of legal and tax structure has differing rules and regulations, as well as tax reporting requirements. If your business is set up as an LLC, click the “Limited Liability Company (LLC)” button. If your business is a corporation, click the “Corporations” button.

The IRS web site supplies definitions for most of the terms used in the online EIN application. If a word or phrase appears blue and underlined, you can click on it to get a definition in a new window. Clicking on these definitions will not halt the progress of your application.

After you indicate what type of legal and tax structure you’ve chosen for the new entity, click

State why you are requesting an EIN.

When prompted by the online EIN application, explain why you are requesting an EIN. Your choices are:

  • Started a new business

  • Hired Employees

  • Banking Purposes

  • Changed Type of Organization

  • Purchased Active Business

Identify and describe a contact person for the business.

You need to designate a contact person—or what the online EIN application calls the responsible party.

The IRS considers the contact person to be the individual or business responsible for tax matters. If the IRS sends a letter to the business, for example, they send the letter to the entity’s in care of the person.

Provide legal and trade name information about your business.

When prompted by the online EIN application, you need to provide the name of the entity, the trade name (if any), the county and state where the entity is located, the state where the articles of organization or formation are filed, and the entity start date.

Indicate whether the business is subject to special federal excise taxes.

After you provide the business entity’s name, address and start date information, the online EIN application asks a series of questions about vehicles, gambling, quarterly federal excise tax returns, and alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Read the questions and answer them. For most people, the answer will be “no” to all four questions.

State what your business does.

When prompted, choose a category that best describes your business. If you aren’t sure what a category includes, you can click on that category for a further explanation.

State how you would like to receive your confirmation letter

You can receive your EIN confirmation letter online or by mail.

If you choose to receive it online, you will be able to view the letter immediately and it will not be mailed to you. Note, though, that you will need to have the Adobe Reader program installed on your computer.

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