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How To Pick A Hosting Platform & What I use

To start, what is a hosting platform? Made simple web hosting is any services or platform that allows organizations or individuals to create and publish a website onto the internet. Don't confuse your web domain with what a web host is. Your domain is simply the name of your website, but having or purchasing a name doesn't automatically give you a hosting site. In some cases, after you purchase your site they will allow you to choose a domain for free or cheap. However, I don't recommend purchasing your domain from your hosting site unless your hosting site is GoDaddy.

I recommend GoDaddy for buying your domain only because it's available for you to use anywhere after purchase. You can purchase your domain name and not have to worry about rushing to choose a hosting platform and usually it's free to connect. Plus if in a year or so you decide to use a different hosting platform you can easily switch over the name with no hassle.

When deciding on who you'll choose you will need to ask yourself some important questions to understand what you specifically for your website. My next piece of advice would be not to choose the cheapest platform. I understand that for some you aren't starting with the largest budget but you still want to aim to get/pick a platform that offers all the things you need. Also, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Here are some things you should consider:

Do you need to be able to have a store? Now or later?

Do you need to be able to have complete creative freedom?

Do you only need to be able to occasionally blog and post pics?

Do you care more about visuals or apps?

Do you need clients to book online?

What is your monthly or yearly budget?

After you create your list of "needs" that's when you should compare web hosting platforms.

My favorite is WiX and here's why.

My non-negotiables were:

Complete creative control

Good mobile view

Integrated email marketing

Store with easy checkout

Online booking & Blog

Some other great platforms are Weebly/Square, Big Cartel, Word Press, and GoDaddy!

I hope this helps!

Don't want to build your site? Check out and they'll build a beautiful site for you!

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