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Things To Consider When Reopening Your Salon

For some reopening is a living nightmare, for others, it's a dream come true. Either way, it's a reality for some to choose between their health and their bills, and for most people, the bills come first. Whether you're opening now or later here is a list of things to consider for making it happen, because that's what we do. Make things HAPPEN!

Consider what changes need to be made

  • How much more money will these changes cost you?

  • How much time will these changes take and therefore affect your schedule?

  • How many clients can you now take per day?

  • Will your hours change?

  • Where will you get these supplies?

  • What are your new weekly goals?

After considering these things, think about your pricing & the way you accept payments.

  • Decide whether or not you will charge a "Covid Tax" (a small fee for all the additional precautions you will have to take)

  • Will you up your pricing per client to make up for the cost of additional requirements?

  • Will you charge clients for the mask? Or require they wear their own?

  • Consider taking payments via Zelle, Cash App, Paypal, or Apple Pay to avoid touching cards and handling cash

Next, let's think about your schedule. You considered hours and people per day, right?

  • How many clients do you need to take per day to make your daily sales goal?

  • Will you work 3 days a week but work 12-16 hours a day? Or 6 days a week but work 6-8 hours each day?

  • How long will it take you to clean after each client?

  • Are your local pro stores closed? If so how many days does it take to order product and have it delivered?

Do you have a website? Do your clients' book online? If so, let's review and update services and times.

  • Are there any services that you will temporarily not offer?

  • Do you need to add extra time to each service due to extra cleaning?

  • Have you decided to up prices by a few dollars? If so, add your price changes.

  • I would also suggest revising your cancelation policy, taking fewer clients per day, and having to take so many precautions you cannot afford any cancelations. Also, let your client know how important it is t show up on time!

  • Add a page to your website with all of your changes

  • Email your clients and let them know what necessary changes are going in effect.

Lastly, make sure you have some guidelines/rules for your clients to follow and take any extra classes you can just as a refresher!

  • Will you print out a waiver for each client to sign?

  • Will you require them to sign a paper stating they have not to their knowledge been sick or in contact with someone with COVID

  • Will you take the online Barbicide Course? (it's free)

  • What will your new rules be? Will you require clients to sit in the car and wait to be serviced? Will they have to come shampooed?

Things are just some things to consider but really the list could be longer, feel free to comment with any other suggestions!

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