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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Hair Stylist

Hello Future Stylist!

This blog is simple and to the point, six questions to ask yourself before considering becoming a hairstylist. I will also post a "Before Going To Cosmetology School" blog as well! So grab a pen and write down your answers, and email me if you have a question!


Establish your why!

-Money? ** -Love of Hair? -You think its easy? -Do you have a passion for it?

**If you are just getting into hair for the money don't do it. Unless you already have a booming clientele as an unlicensed stylist you have to understand building loyal clientele takes TIME!


Who do you want to be? Establish who you want to be in the beauty industry so you can know what to focus on and absorb the most while you're in cosmetology school.

-Products and teach classes? -The Boss? -Assistant? -Color Specialist or "Weavologist"? -A Salon owner? -Suite or Loft Owner? -Booth Renter? -Commission? -Hourly

We will get more into establishing your "who" and branding yourself in my next two videos (youtube, but I will blog as well) but for now, just think about that!


What is a cosmetologist?

-people go to school and realize "oh I don't wanna do this, I just wanna braid" -before you get your license look up your state laws -hair stylist - get your hair design license -owner and not a worker -not interested in makeup, nails, facials, -don't need a master cosmetology license -consider that master cosmetologist who takes their jobs seriously are not just "hair stylist" Cosmetologist are mother figures, therapist, big sisters, mentors etc. In my cosmetology school, we took domestic abuse classes so that we can see and know signs if our clients are being abused. We are more than hair. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS COSMETOLOGIST DO THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HAIR!


Consider where you will go to school and where you plan to work after

-visit multiple schools if you can and ask the students their not the teachers about how they feel about the programs offered -make your decision based off of what you can afford and what's best for what you want your future to look like! -where will you work after? Booth renter or a loft or suite owner? or work in your home?

think of all these things before so you're not lost trying to figure it out after! there will be more on this topic in my "before going to cosmetology school" video


When should you start doing hair? when is important, in my opinion, if you're serious about becoming a hair stylist you should start building your clientele before starting school and try to be an assistant somewhere while you're in school. It'll help you not to be in limbo once school is over


How do you become a hairstylist? Go to cosmetology school! It's more detailed than that but that is the beginning! Just do it! As long as you're serious, go for it.

More details about cosmetology school will be in my next blog, I hope you enjoyed this post!

So, What is your Who, what, when, where, why, and how?

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