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New Year New You?

Do you all do New Years resolutions ??

I don’t but I support what others do!! I used to make yearly vision boards but now I make goal boards and they don’t have a date. I end up making about 2 each year. My birthday is also in January so sometimes I give myself goals before my next age but I’ve never been like “new year new me” but I have learned a lot each year that always helps me to show up as a better version of myself.

Here’s some things I learned and/or did last year:

  1. Just start. Don’t wait. Whatever it is that you want to do. Just do it. Go for it. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, go with the idea, the business, the new location, the man, whatever. Just do it.

  2. Go anyway. When you’re invited out or have plans, don’t cancel unless you’re physically ill. If you can. Go out and enjoy your life!

  3. It’s ok to adjust friendships. If that friend who used to be your #1 is now your #2 that’s ok. Give people grace to show up how they can.

  4. Don’t stop being good. Now, please don’t mix this up with stay where you’re unwanted. What I mean is, you don’t stop being a good person just because the person you were good to is not great. Just stop being good to THAT person. Leave them where they are. But you continue to be good.

  5. Show up for yourself. Buy yourself the flowers. Take yourself to dinner. Netflix and chill alone. Have fun with you !!!

  6. Shut up. It’s okay to not say everything you think.

  7. Speak up. It’s never okay to allow someone to disrespect you or your boundaries.

  8. Hold yourself and your circle and your boo accountable. We are too grown to allow ourselves and those we care about to fall off.

  9. You won’t always be motivated, or be in the right mindset, so be disciplined.

  10. Pay attention to how people treat you after you tell them what your boundaries are.

  11. Give yourself a day. A day to be sad a day to do nothing. A day to feel sorry for yourself. Then get up and suit up cause you’re a baddie.

  12. Get a baby sitter and go out. I remember I would not do anything cause I didn’t wanna ask for a sitter. NOW not only will I “can you keep him” I will “can he come for the weekend?” Momma needs a break.

  13. If they wanted to they would. Period. That friend, that family member, that man, that boss, if they wanted to they would!!!!!!! Sometimes we give people too many excuses because the truth hurts.

  14. Dress up for yourself. Wear makeup for yourself. Exfoliate for yourself. Stop feeling like you have got have a man yo keep your body in tact. You only get one, dress it up and be fabulous as often as you can. The other day I got glamorous to run to tjmaxx and target then looked like a shaggy dog going to Kroger the next morning lol. Have balance but her cute please !

  15. Do something everyday that makes you happy. Even if it’s playing your favorite song 30 times in a row!

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