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2020 Goals

Hey Loves!

January is flying by, before we know it January 2021 will be here! I remember in 1999 they sent us home with "End of the world" kits because everyone was so sure that the year 2000 would be the end of everything! Here we are 20 years later and STILL rockin'! Not one, but two, TWO decades later. You ever look back and think about all the things you would have done differently in the last two decades if you knew what you know now? Whewwww chilleeeee... Literally laughing out LOUD, I would have done so much differently, but so much the exact same! I've realized that I've accomplished so much in the last decade but on the other hand, there's so much I haven't accomplished, and being honest with myself, I have been in my own way.

So here's a list of some of my goals for this year!

1. Have a 750 Credit Score!

Can we talk about credit for a minute? Does anyone else struggle with credit? I remember being younger and asking my parents about credit and credit cards and their response would be something along the lines of "Don't do it!" but that answer is in no way shape or form a

proper answer for what it is and how to use it. Over the last few years, I started to realize how important credit is and how bad mine was. So I've been working toward building it and learning how to teach my kids about it BEFORE they ask and how to set them up for success as well.

2. Learn ASL!

I have been wanting to learn for a while and would only take it seriously in spurts, but this year I plan for my son and I to be fake pros lol

3. Open Multiple Online Stores and One New Physical Business

I won't get into this goal too much because I have a tendency of telling people my plans then feeling either rushed to accomplish them or like a disappointment when or if they don't work out.

4. Get My Real Estate License!

YESSSSS! Ya Girl has always wanted to be a realtor. I have wanted my real estate license since 2010 and each year I find a reason why I can't get it. Not this year.

5. Take 4 Trips!

Ever since I had my son I've been anxious about A LOT! going away has definitely been one of those things that give me anxiety, but last year I went away a few times and decided I

needed to start doing that more often!

6. Make More Consistent Money

As a hairstylist and business owner money is never consistent. It's either great, just okay, or not existent. Some times clients believe you work for fun and conversation and not money, and some times business is just slow, but either way, I'm looking forward to having my businesses work for me and not the other way around!

7. Blog & Podcast!

In 2019 I started a podcast and fell in love, hit a rough patch in my personal life and fell off lol. But I plan on taking 2020 and beyond to the absolute next level.

8. Have Consistent Bible Study With My Babies

We talk about the Bible often and study together, but nowhere near as much as we should

9. Let Go & Let God

You all know the saying "Let go and let God" Well I am living by that this year, literally trying to as stress-free as healthily possible and seriously letting it go and giving straight to Jehovah! Because stressing literally attacks my body, and I can...NOT!

10. Lose 40 pounds!

Sounds like a lot? It's NOT I'm 220 pounds of meat and muscle and I am not THAT tall to be carrying all this extra fat. So 40 lbs will put me at 180 and probably a sassy size 10/12 I'm a 14 now.

So those are SOME of my goals for this year! What are some of yours?

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