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5 Steps Closer To Entrepreneurship: PART1

I knew ever since I was a child that I wanted to be a Boss. I didn't know the "how" or the deeper reason for "why", but I knew the "what", a boss. I think that after deciding what you want to do you need to then ask yourself "why?", followed up with a plan of how to do so.

1. What's your why?

Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur? This question is so important because your why will keep you focused and motivated when the "how" seems impossible.

Some reasons may be:

-Financial freedom

-Flexible schedule

-Chase a dream

2. Be honest with yourself

You have to look at where you are in order to know what needs to be added, changed, or taken away to get you to your entrepreneurial destination.

-Do you have the finances to start working for yourself?

-Should you quit your 9-5 and get a small part-time job while pursuing your dreams?

-Will your 9-5 fund your dream?

-if you have a family, are they supportive? How much time will be taken away from your family responsibilities to pursue your dream?

- What skills do you already have?

-What are your strengths and weaknesses?

-Do you procrastinate?

Have a clear honest conversation with yourself and determine what needs to be done.

3. What will you do?

It's always amazing to come with something that has never been done before b

  • E-commerce?

  • Service?

  • Coaching/Consulting?

  • Freelancing?

  • DIY?

4. Plan

Now you know what you will do, so how will you do it?

-If you are going to quit your job, save about 3-6 months worth of bill coverage

-Invest in a physical planner and a digital one

-Write down specific goals and dates of hopeful completion

If you're like me, you will want to quit your job and dive into your business, and for some, that works! Shortly after that dive in failed, I got an overnight job and gave myself 6 months. I only needed 3! The reality is most first businesses fail, but failure is amazing. You learn so much and have an opportunity to be so much better the next time. So plan, plan, PLAN!

5. Target Market

You cant be a boss with no money, so you need customers and/or clients

So now that you know what you will do, why you will do it, and you have a plan of how, you need to know who your buyer will be.

-Make sure you're part of your target market (you would buy/use what you sell/offer)

-Identify a problem in the area you chose, figure out how to solve it, and market to those who need what you offer

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