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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Last week I posted a video about the two things I did this month to help gain sales in one of my businesses. This year I decided to try 1 to 2 new things per month and continue what works and discontinue what does not work. Just because it doesn't work now does not mean it won't work in the future, but I want to focus on what works now. I sent a text last week telling you guys that I doubled my conversion rate, so now I wanted to share how I did that.

The first thing I did was went to Google Trends and typed in the products that I sell. This is for specifically one of my businesses. I searched to find where the top areas are that people are interested in purchasing what I sell. I found that the top three states were California, New York, and Texas. So I changed my ads and started advertising and marketing specifically in those three states. The next thing I did was lower the number of available items.

Now, this won't work for something like hair bundles, or something where people need to buy more per transaction. But this will work if you sell items where people typically buy 1 to 2 pieces. By lowering the quantity available I created scarcity. And if you follow me, or have been following me for a while you know I believe that scarcity sells. I used to think that having a minimum of 10 items was a low enough quantity, but I'm realizing it depends on the business. I lowered my amounts available from 10 to between four and six and every single time at check out people had 2 to 4 items in their cart. I hope this helps some of you, comment and send me a message and let me know if this helps and if you need help!

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