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Break Up Playlist

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There's a part of Jhene' Aiko's song "None of your Concern" where she says

"I want better for you, moving forward What's better for you than me?

Guess that's none of my concern anymore None of my concern"

I felt that, I literally felt like "What or who is better for this man than me?" But I was asking myself the wrong question, the question should have been "What or who is better for ME?"

Songs make you feel. They take you somewhere mentally that is hard to explain, and that's why song choices are so important for what you listen to after a breakup. I don't play a bunch of slow sad love songs, I play songs that make me feel good and empowered!

Here's my "Breakup" playlist

1. None of Your Concern - Jhene Aiko

2. Nice For What - Drake

3. Kelly - Kelly Rowland

4. How Do You Sleep - Sam Smith

5. Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

6. Win (Clean) - Jay Rock

7. Sorry - Beyonce

8. No Limit - Usher

9. Slide Away - Miley Cyrus

10. Wasted Love - Jhene Aiko

11. Like A Girl - Lizzo

12. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

13. Scuse Me (Clean) - Lizzo

14. In My head - Ariana Grande

15. Chandelier - Sia

16. Sorry Not Sorry (Clean) - Demi Lovato

17. Cranes In The Sky - Solange

18. Get It Myself - DRAM

19. Hold Up - Beyonce

20. Broken Clocks - SZA

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