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I Was Gone For A Minute But I'm Back

I have not been posting much, making videos, blogging, sending text ..ugh.. nothing. I needed a break! BUT, I have been behind the scenes werkkinnn & chillin 🤷🏽‍♀️ & stressing 🤣🤣

I’m tired yal, but I’m getting back into my own groove of things. FINALLY. Those of you who have been following me for a while you know 6 months before the pandemic I left my ex husband (I wrote a blog about it too). 6 months after the split I finally got into a groove of things and BOOM Covid. Pryce was out of school physically for the last part of 1st grade and ALL of second grade. Home with Mommy (& help) from March 2020 to August 2021.

I don’t feel bad, HOME SCHOOL/Virtual learning AINT FOR ME OR HIM. But, when you feel your baby is safer at home, you do what you need to do so all last year, home it was.

It wasn’t an easy choice to send him back this year, but it has so far been the right one. For children going through parents divorcing and a pandemic is ALOT and his favorite people moved to California, so here he was dad not around as much, family moved across the country, school friends gone. He was going through it, and he felt comfortable enough to tell me 🥺

It’s only been two weeks since he’s been back and we both seem happier 🤣🤣 he’s so happy to be around kids his own age and have class jobs and he cares about how he looks each day 🤣🤣 he has all these stories to tell and everyday after school he can’t wait to hug me and tell me everything. He wakes up on his own and is ready for the day ! He even told me he feels like everything is going so good and he’s been happy but tired lol. And said “maybe you should date since I’m in school so you’re not lonely” 🤣🤣

I’m hoping Covid doesn’t affect his school year too much, but we will tackle that road block when/if it gets here.

Moms, when in doubt, go with your gut ! Side note, do yal care that my style of blogging is so informal?

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